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"The Dark Hours"  
by Michael Connelly
"Stellar... no one who follows Ballard and Bosch to the end will be disappointed. A bracing test of the maxim that "the department always comes first. The department always wins."
-- Kirkus Reviews


by Ken Follett
"A complex, scary thriller that feels too plausible for comfort. You'll be so absorbed in the story threads that you'll follow them anywhere--and you'll suddenly realize you've read hundreds of pages. . . . On one level, it's great entertainment; on another, a window into a sobering possibility."
-- Kirkus (starred)

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As the Wicked Watch"
by Tamron Hall
"After moving from Texas to Chicago, crime reporter Jordan Manning becomes frustrated with the lack of coverage of a series of murders of black women and does everything she can to give the story the attention it desperately requires."

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The Corpse Flower
by Anne Mette Hancock
"Scandinavian noir at its noirest. It's hard, maybe unthinkable, to imagine how Hancock will follow it up."
-- Kirkus Reviews, starred review

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"State of Terror"
by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny
"Hillary Rodham Clinton pairs up with powerhouse mystery novelist Louise Penny for State of Terror, a political thriller full of action and intrigue...Clinton and Penny create a heart-pounding mystery about terrorism, corruption and diplomacy, meticulously written with the promise of details only someone on the inside could contribute."
-- "TIME Magazine"

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"Last Girl Ghosted"
by Lisa Unger
"Unger always ratchets up the tension...But in this book, she spins like Simone Biles--and sticks the landing."
--Kirkus, starred review