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Adult Fiction

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What Comes After

by Joanne Tompkins


"A quiet portrayal of troubled lives. Making an appealing debut, Tompkins spins a tender tale of wounded souls anguished by loss and grief, yearning for love and forgiveness."

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The Nine Lives of Rosa Napolitano

by Donna Freitas


"An emotional novel about motherhood--about a woman who has never thought she wanted to become a mother, and how she does or does not decide to go ahead and have a child."

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The Great Circle

by Maggie Shipstead


"An unforgettable story of a daredevil female aviator determined to chart her own course in life, at any cost."

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The Last Thing He Told Me

by Laura Dave


"When her husband of a year disappears, Hannah quickly learns he is not who he said he was and is left to sort out the truth with just one ally- her husband's teenage daughter, who hates her."

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Olympus, Texas

by Stacey Swann


"The Briscoe family is once again the talk of their small town when March returns to East Texas two years after he was caught having an affair with his brother's wife. His mother June hardly welcomes him back with open arms, and is no stranger to infidelity herself: she's tired of being the long-suffering wife thanks to her husband's many affairs. Within days of March's arrival, someone is dead, marriages are upended, and even the strongest of allies are divided."



by Jennifer Saint


"Beautifully written and nuanced, Ariadne explores the bonds between women and their epic quest for agency in patriarchal Greek society."