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Middle Grade Books

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Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna
by Alda Dobbs
"Based on a true story, the tale of one girl's perilous journey to cross the U.S. border and lead her family to safety during the Mexican Revolution."

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How to Find What You're Not Looking for
by Veera Hiranandani
"Middle schooler Ariel Goldberg must find her own voice and define her own beliefs after her big sister elopes with a young man from India following the Supreme Court decision that strikes down laws banning interracial marriage."

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Obie is Man Enough
by Schuyler Bailar
"A coming-of-age story about transgender tween Obie, who didn't think being himself would cause such a splash."

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The Midnight Brigade
"Three unexpected friends find a gruff yet kindhearted troll underneath their local Pittsburgh bridge who teaches them the importance of friendship and raising their voices."

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Middle School Bites: Out for Blood
by Steven Banks
"Eleven-year-old Tom the Vam-Wolf-Zom is juggling the daily routines of middle school life while also trying to explore his newly acquired powers, but Darcourt, the werewolf who bit him, and Tanner Gantt, his archenemy, are not making it easy."

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Fast Pitch
by Nic Stone
"Shenice Lockwood dreams of leading the Fulton Firebirds to the U12 softball regional championship. But Shenice's focus gets shaken when her great-uncle Jack reveals that a career-ending-and family-name-ruining-crime may have been a setup. It's up to Shenice to discover the truth about her family's past-and fast-before secrets take the Firebirds out of the game forever."