becoming vanessa.gif

Becoming Vanessa
by Vanessa Brantley-Newton
"Vanessa is nervous she will not fit in on her first day of school, but she hopes a special outfit will show her new classmates she is someone they should know."


by Matt Myers
"Cole's excitement over his tiny new dinosaur toy that grows in water turns to worry when Dino-Gro becomes too big to fit inside the house."

runaway pea.gif

The Runaway Pea
by Kjartan Poskitt
"It's dinnertime, and one pesky pea has decided to ping himself off the plate in search of fun. He hops, skips, and bounces across the kitchen. But the house is a perilous place, and our rogue pea might find more adventure than he bargained for!"

something stinks.gif

Something Stinks!
by Jonathann Fenske
"In this delightfully funny picture book, an awful stink is invading the nostrils of its furry protagonist, a clueless skunk. Skunk is ready to sniff out the source of the stench, but where could it be coming from? Find out in this foul-smelling story--just be sure to hold your nose!"

ship in a bottle.gif

Ship in a Bottle
by Andrew Prahin
"Mouse lives in constant fear of the cat and is searching for a better life so she sets off in her ship in a bottle to look for a new home."

phoebe dupree is coming to tea.gif

Phoebe Dupree Is Coming to Tea
by Linda Ashman
"Abby is anxious to host the perfect tea party for a friend she idolizes, but life serves up a sweet taste of the fun to be had when perfection is off the table. "