Staff Selections


In Joanna Cannon's novel The Trouble with Goats and Sheep, an intriguing duo of ten-year-olds, the loquacious, inquisitive Grace and the pensive, quiet Tilly are not satisfied with their parents and neighbors excuses for the disappearance of Mrs. Creasy. The amateur detectives hit the streets in the heat of summer and slowly uncover a pattern of lies and deception, and a dark underbelly of their seemingly peaceful cul-de-sac. Cannon's prose is perfectly polished as she dabbles in both humor and humanity in a delightful hybrid of a mystery and a coming-of-age story.


On the tails of his best-selling novel, The Circle, prolific author Dave Eggers has composed Heroes of the Frontier, an unpretentious appraisal of the pressure and challenges of modern society. Seen through the lens of Josie, a single mother, and her children Ana and Paula, the trio flee trouble at home, planning to put down roots in Alaska, but are beset by trouble of all kinds as their road-trip turns into a thrilling adventure.


What happens when one of history’s most lauded composers befriends a bird that is as seemingly common as he is exceptional? In short, not what you might expect. Through naturalist and birding enthusiast Lyanda Lynn Haupt, readers are provided with a quirky and unique retrospective glance into the astounding kinship that developed between Mozart and his adopted pet. As Haupt herself has fallen victim to the charms of an adopted baby starling, a bird frequently accused of destabilizing delicate habitats and ecosystems, she provides a unique insight into the relationships humans build with animals, the troubled history of the starling, and the genius who found companionship with this unlikely partner. Truly fascinating, exquisitely composed, and remarkably accessible, this is one you won’t want to miss