Local Authors. . . .

Patrick Keefe.jpg

Patrick Radden Keefe

Elizabeth Kolbert 2.jpg

Elizabeth Kolbert

Rob Sharenow.jpg

Robert Sharenow

Amy Nathan 2.jpg

Amy Nathan

Todd Strasser.jpg

Todd Strasser

Dan Zevin.webp

Dan Zevin

Karen Dukess.jpg

Karen Dukess

Gerard Koeppel.jpg

Gerard Koeppel

Amalia Hoffman.jpeg

Amalia Hoffman

Nassim Nicholas Taleb.jpg

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

last book party
Lisa Heffernan.jpg

Lisa Heffernan

Julian Sancton

Mary Calvi.png

Mary Calvi

William Broad.jpg

William Broad

Stephanie Newman 3.jpg

Stephanie Newman

grown & flown
madhouse at the end of the earth
dear george, dear mary
barbarians at the pta
madmen on the couch
my friend the moon
what are trees for
Todd Harrington.jpg

 Todd Harrington

Stella Hayes.jpg

Stella Hayes

Kostya Kennedy 2.jpg

Kostya Kennedy

Jon Birger.jpg

Jon Birger

Steve Reddicliffe.jpg

Steve Reddicliffe

Nick Vianna 2.png

Nick Vianna

Tom Gardiner.jpg

Tom Gardiner

John Treacy Egan.jpg

John Treacy Egan

David Siegerman.jpg

David Seigerman

Marlene Shyer.jpg

Marlene Fanta Shyer

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Brooke Lea Foster.jpg

Brooke Lea Foster

Jacques Steinberg.jpg

Jacques Steinberg

Jaqueline Ann Falco.jpg

Jacqueline Ann Falco

Risa Seelenfreund 2.jpg

Risa Seelendfreund

Nicole Eustace 3.jpg

Nicole Eustace

summer darlings
college conversation
you are an ironman
the gatekeepers
health and beyond for the teenager
sacred summer
covered with night
passion is the gale